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rogue taxidermy show.

dear taxidermy enthusiasts, particularly those of you who love the unique and strange... please visit the rogue taxidermy show in los angeles, ca! it includes amazing works by a handful of creative and talented individuals. visit the site for details, show runs from may 7th - 30th.

shootout to maria r. for bringing the show to my attention, thank you! 


melissa dixson.

not so much bizarre, but just wonderful - melissa dixson recreated "bambi" (available for sale).


mice and torture.

found via tokyobling.

kelly haigh.

kelly haigh does not perform taxidermy herself, but rather indulges in collecting victorian taxidermy. below are a few photographs from her collection. i also recommend visiting her website to view her amazing artwork.

sabrina brewer.

sabrina bewer is a modern artist, following the example of victorian taxidermy (such as walter potter). in her world of taxidermy there are no limits to what is reality vs. fiction. she has a great sense for mixing and matching creatures to create mythical beasts. from two headed chickens, to the flying monkey's from the wizard of oz - she makes all bizarre taxidermy fans smile in delight.

kate clark.

a fan of taxidermy, esskay, shared this site with me a few months back - this definitely falls under the bizarre category. taxidermy creatures with the artists own face, representing the animal instincts that we all have within us. all sculpture by kate clark.

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