it's fuzzy, it's lovable, it's dead!

welcome to the wonderful world of taxidermy. this blog is in celebration of one of the most under-appreciated art forms out there. most of you might think of taxidermy and get slightly disgruntled, after all, it's a dead animal that keeps staring at you... but it's not only that, it's the magic of preservation - a tool to keep extinct animals available at our fingertips once they're gone (example: the do-do bird); as well as recreate fantasy, making it reality. so, why is this blog titled, "bizarre taxidermy"? because we don't want to focus on the stag in your living room. or the squirrel hanging on your wall. those dead fuzzies are much too bland. we're interested in victorian taxidermy (all the amazing dead animals that are now illegal to stuff), as well as animals in clothing, robotics, all sorts of random creations. anything but the ordinary (well, sometimes we'll post ordinary dead things, all taxidermy and the work put into it is worth blogging about!). welcome to bizarre taxidermy! please feel free to e-mail us and send us links or information on anything you think should be included.

image found at the courier post.


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